Overcoming the challenge of processing
4M daily transactions for Evertec

Overcoming the challenge of processing 4M daily transactions for Evertec,

we strategically optimized operations,

saved costs through innovative solutions, and forged valuable partnerships.


The yellowHEAD User Acquisition team’s original goal was to lower the Cost Per Acquisition by 50%. In only four months, they reduced Videoleap’s CPA by 65% of the original price they were paying.

This resulted in a 170% uplift in conversions!

% 20.1

– 20.1

The Challenge

As one of the world’s top video editing apps and a fan favorite in both the App Store and Google Play, Videoleap had already amassed a huge following. But as is common, with rising popularity comes rising costs and the need to optimize becomes even more clear. In this situation, yellowHEAD and Videoleap decided to focus on reducing the Cost Per Acquisition in the most efficient way possible.

Our Approach

At first, the Cost Per Acquisition for Videloleap’s existing campaigns was on the high side and there was definitely room for improvement.
yellowHEAD and Videoleap were committed to getting results, even if it would take lots of patience and even more optimizations. In those first 45 days, ad spend was high, though this is what eventually allowed CPA to decrease.

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