Making software the easy part.

When you need it, the size you need it, with the skills you need.

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KINAMIC is an international software development company born in Uruguay with experience in diverse areas of software development.

Building high performance teams to develop software on the technology stack that you work with.



Over 10-year experience in the Software Industry.

We work with a defined, disciplined, measurable process using software industry best practices:

  • Test driven development
  • Domain driven design
  • Architecture and design patterns
  • SDLC
  • Certified Agile Developers

Staff Augmentation

In flexible ways. You can hire our team or we can help your own team if that is what your business requires.

Our customers benefit from saving money and optimized processes. They stay with us because we deliver great value and we deliver it on time. And they leave the recruitment process to us.

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The Krew

The Krew is our culture, our team and our customer experience.

It’s very important for us that our people live a great experience working at KINAMIC, so that they can transfer that experience to our clients.

We create, lead and train a high-performance team in order to deliver the best solutions to our clients.

Leadership Team
Live a unique experience with a team that is made for you:

Get your Krew! When you need it, the size you need it, with the skills you need.


Leadership Team

Meet our directors, the captains of The Krew.
They are the ones in charge of the creation, training and motivation of our team in order to deliver the best solutions and experience to our clients.

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Ricardo Szyfer

CEO & Co- Founder

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Ignacio Medoc

COO & Co- Founder

What we do


You can use our services for the entire development cycle or only for selected portions.

If you need to define goals, tasks and scope of your project, we can do that for you!

What we do

Ways of engagement:

We have flexible ways of engagement, so you can choose the one that adapts best to your needs.

  • Hourly
    If the goals, tasks and scope are not entirely defined, this is the correct option for your project. This method consists on the quantity of hours used, which can vary based on the need.
  • Monthly Fixed
    If the goals are defined, but the tasks and scope are not entirely defined, this is the option to use. This intermediate option allows you to pay a fixed amount monthly based on the type of work and the experience of the people performing the work.
  • Turnkey Project
    When the goals, tasks and scope of the project are clearly defined, this is the right option for your project. Choosing this method means you will receive a price for the entire project and the exact delivery date.
What we do

Technologies we know

These are the technologies with which we have the most experience:

Microsoft .Net
.NET Core
SQL Server
React Native
Tensor Flow
Mongo DB
Node js
What we do

Areas of expertise

Application Design, Development, and Testing (GUI, Database, etc)

Web & Mobile Development (Internet/Intranet)

Web-Enabling Applications

System Architecture and Implementation

Client/Server Applications and Distributed Systems

Object-oriented Design and Analysis

Project Management Consulting

Technical Documentation and Training

Cloud Development Services

Our Work


Who trust us:

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Our Work

Success stories

Get to know some of the type of solutions we deliver and industries we have experience in:

Our Work

What they say about us

“ I am thrilled with your proactive approach to communication and active participation with the team. Your development expertise has been a great asset for our team and you've helped with a variety of work. You have been a valuable resource and a valued member of our team! Thank you! ”
“ The main value is the determination and ownership of the issues to be dealt with/resolved, the boundary between the Kinamic team and the Evertec team is not noticed. ”
“ A trustworthy source of quality, value, and customer service for development. ”
“ Honest dedicated partner ”
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